• Take control of your career journey

    This course will take you on a step by step journey as you commit to making the desired changes to your career trajectory. Over 5 weeks you will learn how to confront your worries and move towards your desired goals with clarity, confidence and conviction.

Course curriculum

    1. Confident Transitions and Opening the Box

    2. Exercise: Your Career Timeline

    3. Exercise: Your Career Journey - Downloadable PDF

    4. Exercise: The Have, the Want and the Need

    5. A guided reflection to complement 'The Have, the Want and the Need' exercise.

    6. Discussion: The Have, the Want and the Need

    1. Understanding your values and their place in your life

    2. Exercise: Your Values and their place in your Life

    3. Values and Beliefs worksheet and Exercise: What are your Core Values?

    4. Exercise: What are your Core Values?

    5. Exercise: Exploring your Values and their place in your Life

    6. Your top three values - a guided reflection

    7. Discussion: Using Values in moving forward

    1. Our Goals and Understanding the Motivation behind them

    2. What Motivates you?

    3. Exercise: Exploring Motivation - The 'why' of your goals

    4. Exercise: Understanding the Motivation behind your Goals

    5. Guided reflection - the why behind your goals.

    6. Discussion: Where does your motivation lie?

    1. Breaking the Mould: Why Goals should be Aspirational

    2. SMART Targets and Aspirational Goals

    3. Exercise: The Rocking Chair

    4. Exercise: The Rocking Chair

    5. Exercise: Goal-setting for Success

    6. Exercise: Goal-setting for success

    7. Discussion: Aspire, Inspire and Share...

    1. Ten Ways to Sabotage your Goals

    2. Don't be a barrier: challenge your thinking

    3. Cognitive distortions

    4. Make the change: prioritise important over urgent

    5. Important versus urgent

    6. What's standing in the way of your transformation?

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  • 44 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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