• Take control of your career journey

    This course will take you on a step by step journey as you commit to making the desired changes to your career trajectory. Over 5 weeks you will learn how to confront your worries and move towards your desired goals with clarity, confidence and conviction.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Step One: What's your reality?

    • Confident Transitions and Opening the Box

    • Exercise: Your Career Timeline

    • Exercise: Your Career Journey - Downloadable PDF

    • Exercise: The Have, the Want and the Need

    • A guided reflection to complement 'The Have, the Want and the Need' exercise.

    • Discussion: The Have, the Want and the Need

  • 3

    Step Two: Explore your values

    • Understanding your values and their place in your life

    • Exercise: Your Values and their place in your Life

    • Values and Beliefs worksheet and Exercise: What are your Core Values?

    • Exercise: What are your Core Values?

    • Exercise: Exploring your Values and their place in your Life

    • Your top three values - a guided reflection

    • Discussion: Using Values in moving forward

  • 4

    Step Three: Understanding Motivation

    • Our Goals and Understanding the Motivation behind them

    • What Motivates you?

    • Exercise: Exploring Motivation - The 'why' of your goals

    • Exercise: Understanding the Motivation behind your Goals

    • Guided reflection - the why behind your goals.

    • Discussion: Where does your motivation lie?

  • 5

    Step Four: Finding your Direction

    • Breaking the Mould: Why Goals should be Aspirational

    • SMART Targets and Aspirational Goals

    • Exercise: The Rocking Chair

    • Exercise: The Rocking Chair

    • Exercise: Goal-setting for Success

    • Exercise: Goal-setting for success

    • Discussion: Aspire, Inspire and Share...

  • 6

    Step Five: Breaking down your Barriers

    • Ten Ways to Sabotage your Goals

    • Don't be a barrier: challenge your thinking

    • Cognitive distortions

    • Make the change: prioritise important over urgent

    • Important versus urgent

    • What's standing in the way of your transformation?

  • 7

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...

    • Resource: Sources of Support

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