My Undertakings

5 Pledges.

  • I will be accessible and helpful for the duration of your HWA course and beyond

  • I will be supportive but challenging in order to help you achieve your goals.

  • I will bring compassion and curiosity to my work with you

  • I will be optimistic and ambitious for you

  • I will work with others to help you be the best we can help you be..


From people I have worked with.

Thank You

Sue Sloan

Thank you for your time and the coaching session. I appreciated the opportunity to reflect, be challenged and go away with an action. Nice to meet you. Enjoy the next few days.

Structured Approach

Janice Moth

I really liked the structured approach to the whole course which began with diagnostic testing to find out which of the modules I needed to do. The course made me realise why authenticity is at the centre of everything I do

Depth of knowledge

Dr Stevens

Tim's ability to rapidly understand the complexities combined with his depth of knowledge has been incredibly helpfuL. He was able to apply theoretical models to deepen my understanding and challenge my thinking.