Dr Tim Ojo

Director/Chief Encourager Tim Ojo

I am a Consultant Psychiatrist of 20 years seniority , an experienced Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor, an Accredited ADR mediator and a versatile and innovative Trainer and Organisational Consultant. I am a Founding Senior Fellow of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. I am a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. I am a Fellow of the Institute for Leadership and Management.I am also an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. I have also undergone further training in Conflict Management and Behavioural Design for Health. I have over 15 years formal medical leadership experience of which 7 were as Executive Medical Director. I have had the privilege of working a Mental Health Adviser at regional level and continue to contribute to the mental health policy agenda through the Royal College of Psychiatrists. where I am Associate Registrar for Policy Support. I have an abiding commitment to the promotion of health and well-being to all sections of society. I feel passionately that everyone should have the support they need to live fulfilled, balanced and rewarding lives. To achieve this aim I have set up this on-line ‘Health and Well-being Academy’ to empower you through providing information, knowledge and practical skills , you can apply to improving your health and well-being. I also provide expert coaching, mentoring and facilitation to help you overcome the hurdles in the way of you achieving your goals. With my other instructor colleagues we aim to be an invaluable resource to as wide a cross section of society as possible. With this in mind we promise to make our courses exceedingly good value for your money. I am a husband and father of two active and amazing sons. My life balancing a portfolio career is both very challenging and very rewarding. I am excited by the opportunity to serve and look forward to hearing from you through completing our in-course survey, in course discussion forums and through direct contact with me at Best wishes Tim Ojo 07920152106

Why buy this course?

This course has been designed with the specific needs of Locum Doctors in mind addressing how you can manage stress and continue to provide the invaluable expertise and care you do.

  • Help you reduce the risk of excessive stress and burnout.

  • Help you actually implement effective stress management plans.

  • Help you stop your stress inducing habits.

Manage Stress Better.

  • Designed for Locum Doctors

    This course provides clear, practical and effective strategies for dealing with the stress of being a Locum Doctor. Learn how to use the LOCUMS model to analyse and manage the causes of your stress.

  • Designed to improve your wellbeing

    Access support and share strategies in the facilitated discussion forums. Learn how to actually do what you need to do with the help of an evidence based behavioural coaching exercise.

Course curriculum

    1. Introductory Video

    2. Let's find out more about what causes you stress (Survey)

    3. What you are going to learn (Course Outline)

    1. Calling Stress out! (Basic concepts)

    2. Particularising Stress to Context (Why do Locums get stressed?)

    3. Wanna talk about stress? Lets talk about it! (Discussion Forum)

    1. Audio Guide to Workbook

    2. Stress Management for Locums Workbook (Toolkit)

    3. Stress Management Survey (Reflective Pit-stop!)

    1. Introduction to 3Bs Model (Building Resilience)

    2. 3B's Support Forum (Skill Workshop)

    1. Stress Prevention Infographic

    2. Take Care Forward ( Planning for your less stressful future exit survey)

About this course

  • £99.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Value for Your Money.

Start managing your stress today.

Learn how to analyse the causes of your stress and use a helpful model to deal with them. Proactively increase your stress resilience and overall wellbeing..

Testimonial about Tim Ojo

Dr B O (Locum Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist)

" Thank you very much, You are a really a coach and mentor. We will continue the journey together and get to our destination"

Testimonial about Tim Ojo

Dr CV (Vascular Surgery Specialist)

"I had many soul searching sessions with Tim"

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